Year: 2019

Warehouse Management Needs

The need for self storage is very high. This can be seen from the growth of logistics companies and the development of infrastructure that supports logistics activities. Manufacturing and marketing will be difficult without logistical support. Logistics also include information integration, transportation, inventory, warehousing, reverse logistics and packaging, in which […]

Get to Know the Different Types of Bacteria in the Microbiology Laboratory

Everyone knows that in the microbiology laboratory there are many bacteria or microorganisms that live in and are used as research samples. For this reason, if you work there, you must use various protective equipment to protect yourself from various dangers of bacterial contamination. The number of activities involving bacteria […]

Does Gonorrhea Spread From The Toilet Seat?

Gonorrhea is one of the sexually transmitted diseases that attacks many people who like to change partners in having sex. This disease is caused by a bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhoeae. In addition to being able to spread through intimate relationships, bacteria that cause gonorrhea can also be passed from mother […]

Knowing the Basic Things Before Choosing the Digital Marketing Solution

The world of Digital marketing is a very dynamic field. Today digital marketing consultants innovate with diverse strategies. There are basic things that are the foundation that we need to know even when you decide to choose digital marketing automation. User-Centered Website Having a quality website is one of the […]

3 Negara Terbaik Pada Pertandingan Softball Wanita Asian Games Tahun Lalu

Softball di Asian Games 2018 diadakan di Jakarta, Indonesia dari 19 – 24 Agustus 2018 lalu di lapangan Softball GBK . Negara yang berpartisipasi menurut Peringkat Dunia mereka adalah unggulan teratas Jepang (2), Cina Taipei (5), Cina (12), Filipina (15), Korea Selatan (23), Hong Kong (43) dan Indonesia (63). […]