3 Ways to become an elegant smoker

Of course, there are reasons why someone chooses to smoke. Without meaning to judge, this article will outline some things you should look at if you want to continue your smoking habit. Yes, smoking also should not be arbitrary. There are rules you must look for in order to become an elegant smoker. Aside from that, if you feel like to have a smoke like a king at home, using the bongs or water pipes can be a good idea. Meanwhile, you can check out the water pipes under $100 at the online stores.

1. Be Sensitive Smokers: Because Not Everyone is Happy With Cigarette Smoke, Smoking Just In Place.

One of the things that make smoking activity most disliked is the disturbing cigarette smoke. Many people are uncomfortable with the smoke because of its unpleasant aroma, and certainly its effect on health. So it is not surprising that there is someone who is not a smoker will avoid if anyone around him started lighting his cigarette.

Because your cigarette smoke can disturb the comfort of others, be a wise person by not smoking in any place. If the smoking room is available to use the place as it should. If not, try to smoke in an open space instead.

2. Do not Force Your Non-Smoking Friend To Join Smoking. Smoking Or Not That Choice, Not an Obligation!

To you, smoking is good. Cigarettes help you and your friends smooth out the conversation, and accompany your unforgettable nights of discussion. Cigarettes help you think and get things done. Cigarettes cheer you up if your heart is not good. It is okay. It’s your right.

But you have to remember, cigarettes are right, not an obligation! Never push your friends to try to be a smoker.

3. Most Smokers Have Bad Mouth Odor: Maintain Mouth Hygiene and Bring refreshing candies When Traveling.

Smoking keeps the mouth dry, dry mouth is a source of bacteria that cause the smell of the mouth to be unpleasant. For that you need extra care, by diligent cleaning the mouth and if it is necessary also pocket candy mint so that the aroma of the mouth is always fresh. Maintaining the performance of the mouth to always be fragrant, in addition to increasing the confidence, also makes people comfortable around us.