4 Top Mobile Credit Card Machine For Small Business That You Should Know

Most customers will do a face to face transactions either use cash or credit card, right? So it is the best for you to choose the right card machine depends on your need such as Square, SumUp, or iZettle as well. It will bring your transactions of payment to the next level. But now, the mobile credit card machine is commonly used and popular among the customers, because it is quick and easy to set up accept card payments. If you want to know more, here is some information about the credit card machine for small business that you should know.

Mobile Credit Card Machine for Small Business

1. Shopify

The first mobile credit card machine for small business is Shopify, which has monthly rental costs £0. It provides a good mobile payment solution for seller and customer to accept the face to face payment. It supports devices such as iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, etc.

2. SmartTrade

The next mobile credit card machine for small business that you should know is SmartTrade. It can be a payment system for accepting the higher volume of transactions to get a better deal. By using this machine, you only simply to download the mobile app and turn the smartphone into a payment machine as well. It is also supported by encryption technology that is very safe and suitable for your business.

3. iZettle

iZettle Reader is one of the popular card machine for small business that you can choose. It is simple, small, sleek and also cheapest than other options. It supported by contactless and chip & PIN payments from all the major card, such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.

4. Square

Square is a digital payment that truly pocketable mobile card reader and accepts the contactless and PIN payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay or even Samsung Pay. It provides you with the sales reports, real-time data and the detail of transactions, so it will be easier for you to check the business in one place.

That’s some information about a mobile credit card machine for small business that you should know. The technology gives so many benefits for your business as well, so are you interested to choose one of them?