4 Unique Ways Russians Survive in Extreme Cold Weather

Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world with temperatures that can reach minus 20 degrees Celsius or even more my link. Winter is longer than summer, so they have to pass it for months and rarely enjoy sun exposure. The Russians have special ways to deal with extremely cold weather. Sometimes the methods are unique because they’re rarely done by other nations with the winter season. What are they? However, before we continue, perhaps you need to call the best heating repair las vegas whenever your heater must be repaired as quickly as possible.

1. Cover the body with thick clothes from head to toe

Wearing thick clothes in winter has become an obligation for Russians if they don’t want to die of cold out there. They try to use warm attributes that can protect their bodies from the onslaught of cold weather. Thick coats, fur hats or commonly referred to as ushanka, gloves, socks, and boots are equipment that they must wear before fighting with the cold of snow.

2. Heating becomes a helper when the temperature is low

If people of tropical countries need more fans or air conditioners to cool the room, on the contrary Russians really want their rooms to be warm when winter arrives. The use of heating also varies, from manuals to more modern equipment. Yes, they really need this tool when winter comes.

3. Feeling comfortable when lingering in their room rather than leaving the house

When heavy rains arrive, you are usually lazy to go out of the house and choose to relax at home. So are the Russians. If there are no special needs they are more comfortable staying at home while enjoying warm drinks and snacks. Especially if the weather outside is always erratic or a snowstorm occurs.

4. Ignore the cold weather and move as usual

Most Russians are used to winter. They deal with it like other seasons. In fact, it is not uncommon to find Russians in open clothes when going out, eating ice cream or swimming in the winter. This doesn’t just happen. Indeed, there are schools that deliberately teach their students to survive in the winter.