5 Techniques to Become a Professional Watercolor Painter!

Watercolors are painting tools that use color and water pigments as a transparent solvent. Watercolor is the easiest to use painting media because it is easy to adapt to various situations and style of painting someone. Well if you are currently learning to paint with watercolor, it will be better if the results of your paintings are being displayed at your home. In addition, to beautify the room, painting can also be useful to calm and refresh your mind as you can see in some wall art from christian wall art. Therefore, the following 5 techniques to use watercolor that can make your drawing look cooler!

1. Salt
To use it, first, you have to color the area to be painted with watercolors. While it is still wet, just sprinkle salt on top of it. Wait until dry and see the results.

2. Tissues
Furthermore, after coloring, in a state of water paint still wet, then you have to squeeze the tissue and paste slowly on the surface of watercolors. You have to notice when closing the watercolor area with a tissue to avoid erasing the entire color. Wait until it is almost dry, and then lift it slowly. Remember that do not get too dry because the tissue will stick to the paper surface.

3. Alcohol
When the watercolors are still wet, grab a cotton bud and dip in the alcohol. Then attach the cotton bud on the surface of the watercolor, or it could be by dripping alcohol on the surface of the watercolor.

4. Crayons and Candles
Create pictures on the surface of the paper using white crayons or candles. After that, color with watercolors. So look the motif that you have drawn before.

5. Water Drops
After coloring and watercolors are still wet, dab the other colored watercolor by using enough water. So it can drip from your brush.