6 Productive Activities You Can Do When Lazy

You’re not in the mood to work, but don’t want to feel guilty for delaying work by watching dozens of funny cat videos on Youtube coworking space near me. The solution is that you can work in a coworking space near me, which can change your boring working atmosphere. Well, something that can be done by one or all of these activities the next time the virus procrastination attacks. Even though it may seem like a trivial activity that wastes time, these activities will support your overall productivity.

1. Work on a Desk

A messy desk will make you difficult to think clearly and lazy to work. Try one of our tricks to spruce up your desk with tools that are easy to get at the office.

2. Clean Up Your Email Inbox

Take the time to delete emails that have accumulated or reply to emails that have been dormant for the past few weeks. While you’re cleaning the inbox, send a short e-mail to your contacts, even if it’s just to ask for news. Rule number one in networking ethics is to maintain good relations with all your contacts so they don’t feel awkward next time you need their help.

3. Arrange Documents and Files on the Computer
Put the scattered files into separate folders with labels so that you have no trouble finding the document you are looking for, then make a backup file just in case.

Instead of just browsing erratically, why not think of interesting ideas that can be applied to work projects or delivered at the next meeting session? No need to worry about in-depth research first, let your creativity flow and note a few points that catch your attention.

5. Travelling
If you have been sitting too long, try to stand up and take a light walk in the office. Besides being able to refresh your body and improve blood circulation, the work atmosphere around you might inspire you to get back to work.

6. Update your To-do List

Whether it’s a list of things that you need to do tomorrow or your future goals, check and fix them if necessary. When you are busy working every day, you might easily forget your career goals and the steps you should take to achieve them. With you back on track and back to work hard to pursue your dreams.