Activities with Children besides Going to the Mall

Already tired of spending days playing just inside the house anyway? Encourage your child to breathe fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun out there.

In order not to quickly get bored, spur children with various activities that can seize his attention throughout the day. That’s why kids need creative parents like you. In order to increase your creativity in bringing exciting games to your child!

Play in the backyard
No need to go far out of the house, you can use your backyard as a favorite playground for children. With bouncy castle hire, you can create a fun atmosphere for your child. In addition, with bouncy castle hire your child not only can jump but your child also has to pass obstacles in the game.

Bring nature back home
You can allow your child to borrow your phone or give him a digital camera that he can use to photograph his findings in the open. Ask him to observe the growth of fungi for example, or other plants and even animals that are morphed like caterpillars or frogs. Let her take a few weeks of observation and ask your child to observe what changes he got from comparing the first to the last picture.

Paint a tree
If you find a tree that is almost dead or its leaves are being molted, that’s a chance to beautify the tree in different colors while keeping your child happy. Soak lime colorful in water for several hours. Then have your child smear the stems with lime juice using a brush. After the paint is dry, you and your child can enjoy the colorful trees created by both of you.

Coloring the rocks
In order for the stone looks beautiful and not monotonous, you can invite your child to collect it first and then give him ‘clothes’ that are colorful. Choose a stone that has a smooth surface. Then wash and dry it. Once dry, brush the glue onto the stone surface and start wrapping the colorful woolly yarn onto the stone. Apply glue every time you want to stick the thread. Even this stone can make your decoration on the table.