Avoid doing the keto diet for too long

Although the success of ketogenic diet is no doubt, changes that occur in the mechanism of the body will certainly provide an impact if done in the long run. In the meantime, check out the info about keto bcaa as well.

Here are some of the effects of long-term ketogenic diets.

Hormone Balance Disorder

Changes in the amount of carbohydrate intake are very influential on the balance of hormones, one of which is the hormone cortisol. When the body consumes very little carbohydrates, then cortisol levels will increase. The hormone cortisol itself is closely related to stress. High levels of cortisol in the body can also disrupt other hormonal systems, especially in women, namely the hormone estrogen. This will lead to serious problems such as menstrual disorders, infertility, early menopause, lowering the mood, and can also cause weight gain without the known mechanism.

Body Metabolic Disorders

Whether you realize it or not, many ketogenic dieters do not actually do this method properly. The high amount of fat intake to be consumed sometimes makes them difficult to meet those needs. What happens is they forget the core of this diet is high fat, whereas that is consumed only low carbohydrates, moderate protein, and moderate fat. This can lead to the occurrence of metabolic disorders of the body that leads to interference fungi hormone as well. That is why the perpetrator of this diet method must be really serious and thorough when choosing food.

Emotional Disorder

Drastic changes in diet can disrupt the emotional settings of ketogenic dieters. Selection of strict food items, sometimes making themselves unable to fully enjoy the food they consume. At meals, they will only focus on the diet and goals they want to achieve, without being able to enjoy the food served. Such thoughts continue to fill their brains, so finally, when there is a chance to deal with diverse foods (eg at parties), their emotions for the food can become uncontrollable. They can “err” consume a lot of food regardless of the diet they live.


The ketogenic diet cannot be said to be a good or bad diet method. Good or bad of a diet, determined from how the adaptation, fitness, and comfort of the body while doing it. Therefore examine before choosing a diet method that suits your body condition and goals. Maybe useful