Avoid being spied on while using WhatsApp

Like on a smartphone, WhatsApp activities like chatting, sending pictures, videos or online calls can be easily done on the computer because the account has been connected and synchronized with the smartphone device. However, there is a problem that often arises because of WhatsApp web features, what is it? most likely the account has been spied on by others without the knowledge of the owner of WhatsApp account. Meanwhile, you can also try Bug Detector if you wish to protect yourself better from all kinds of surveillance.

Regarding its performance What is really safe in my opinion, one of them, when there is one device connected in the latest WhatsApp version now, has a notification on the phone screen when there is another device connected and can be disconnected on the spot in the WA settings menu.

With the number of the peepers who incidentally the victim himself unknowingly in the eyes of the remote from the distance it is necessary to take precautions made to your account safe. Of course, you yourself are entitled to use WhatsApp account on PC without anyone who does not it?

Well, there’s an easy way to tell if we’ve been seen and spied on by others from a distance or not. Some preventive things that can be done are as follows below.

How to view Whatsapp activities are accessed from other devices:

1. Please open WhatsApp application from your phone.

2. go to the Settings menu and go to the WhatsApp Web option

3. Then the display will appear where there is a device that is using your account or not, what’s with what is meant, what you want, what OS on this PC and when last seen.

4. If there is a list or list that appears on the display then do the revocation action to the device that you do not know on screen, that is by selecting option ‘out of all computer’

After doing the above actions then all access from the computer device connected to your WhatsApp account will be stopped and disconnected. Those steps can be practiced from now, who knows by looking at the settings that admin described above can protect the privacy of your Whatsapp account. Maybe useful.