Brampton Criminal Lawyer Salaries You Need to Know

A criminal lawyer is interesting to job to work on because of its cases. Brampton criminal lawyer provides services such as assaults, fraud, robbery, sex crimes, domestic crimes, DUI and many others. You should be certified and professional to bring and argue the client’s cases in the court. They also get the salary depends on what kind of cases they handle and other factors.
If you are interested to become a criminal lawyer, here are the things about the salary as a criminal lawyer.

Brampton Criminal Lawyer Salaries

1. Criminal Lawyer Salary

Brampton criminal lawyer salaries may vary depending on the scope of the practice, location of the firm and the clientele that the firm serves. Public defender and non-profit salaries range from $30,000 to $50,000. Criminal lawyers who work in law firms can earn the highest salaries, while experienced criminal attorneys can earn into the six figures. Criminal lawyers often represent wealthy defendants, high-profile in high-stakes cases will get the highest-paid. That’s why you have to be a professional criminal lawyer and get certified.

The salary for a criminal lawyer can range for about $120,910 or $58.13 per hour as median annual salary, for bottom 10% annual salary they will get less than $58,220 or $27.99 per hour, and get more than $208,000 or $100 per hour for top 10% annual salary.

2. Comparing Similar Job Salary

Some people interested in a Brampton criminal lawyer career also consider the following career paths. It listed with median annual salaries, such as paralegals and legal assistants for about $50,940, $117,190 for judges and hearing officers, and for mediators, conciliators and arbitrators that it cost $62,270.
That’s all information about Brompton criminal lawyer salary that compared to similar job salary you should know. So make sure you have certification and experiences to get the highest salary as you employed in a law firm.