How Can Mouse Get Into Your Home?

You are probably often uncomfortable when there are other “residents” in your home. The other inhabitants are always making noise at night with chirping sounds and other rowdy movements, such as dropping glasses, chasing, pan-bang and other sounds. After we investigate the origin of the sound, it turns out other residents are mouses. Many in every house there are these rodents that suddenly appear out of nowhere. Not infrequently even mouses even though our house just finished we wake up. The logic why there is a mouse in our house when our house is clean just finished in the wake. This is one of our experiences. And we are very uncomfortable with the mouses at home because in addition to making the noise the animal also makes odors. If this happens, you can contact mouse exterminator in Surrey BC.

The mouse was a rodent, anything in his diet. The mouse also eats the power cord, when he can not find a delicious meal for him. mouses can come to the house from dirty places, piles of wood, or from a neighbor’s house first inhabited by mouses. When there is a small entrance through a hole then he can enter our house. mouses come to the house to find food to live. mouses also breed in the homes they occupy. This makes the house dirty with mouse droppings and bad smell. mouses can also come from drain holes. Suppose the sewage drains from the bathroom. Frequently cover the drain in the bathroom with a net or ceramic that we can remove when we will sleep. the mouse can also come through the roof of the house. They move with agile looking for holes that can be entered. Of course, to prevent it, it would be better if we put the ceiling under the roof of the house. mouses can also enter through wooden doors. He will eat wood and pierce it. If possible, on the edge of the wooden door give the house a layer for example made of metal.

mouses can be very annoying to our comfort at home. In addition to frequent rowdy, spent food at the dinner table, biting the power cord, also make smelly dirt. This can cause dangerous diseases for us. We eradicate mouses to keep our homes clean, not a hive of disease that is caused by the existence of these mouses.