Careers that you may try with video games

The video game industry is one of the biggest industries today. You can expect to get multi million dollars of profit once the game that your company has produced hits the market well. Even just barely reaching the selling targets, a video game developer company can score a lot of dollars that will make it a lot richer than before. There are so many job opportunities that have been emerged because of this industry as well. Because of the gaming Lifestyle, now there are some careers in the gaming industry that you may try.

Make a gaming YouTube channel

The gaming community is one of the largest active communities on YouTube. As the biggest video sharing website on the internet, it brings a major impact on the overall gaming industry. Thus, so many game developer starts to pay gamers to promote their videos via their YouTube channels.

Working at a game company

Today, getting a job at a game company won’t be as easy as a few decades ago, especially to the big companies, such as EA, Bethesda, or Capcom. You need to have the highly trained skills in the field of computers, marketing, and also graphic designs. However, once you’ve accepted to work at a big video game company, expect to get the biggest amount of salary in your life.

Becoming a beta tester

A beta tester is one of the most leisure jobs in this industry. You just need to play a currently developed game and find all of the bugs, glitches, and errors in the game that you play. Then you have to report about all the errors that you have found in the game to the video game company, so they can fix it before the game itself is ready to be launched to the market.

E-sport athlete

If you wish to show your skill with video games while also getting some money in the process, becoming an E-sport athlete can be a nice choice for you. However, you need to spend a lot of time and money to practice and also to buy the necessary equipment, so you can play the game conveniently.