Consume these if you want your brain stays healthy

Vegetable vegetables such as spinach, kale, cassava leaves, mustard, beans and so on have fiber and vitamin content that is good for brain health. The brain can be more active in responding and managing information conveyed by the visual (eye senses) and sense of smell. Meanwhile, you may want to visit Nootropics Blog to know more about a great brain supplement.

Eating nuts

Existing nutrients such as soy beans, green beans, almonds, red beans, walnuts and so on are excellent for children who are still in their infancy, including protection of brain tissue to stay healthy. Nutrition in vegetables can increase the motor of the child and sharpen the instars and imagination.

Consuming Milk and eggs

Milk and eggs are a high protein source and contain very high Omega 3, which is good for improving brain intelligence and imaginative acuity for young children. In order for the child’s brain tissue remain healthy give milk and eggs every day.

Unsweetened warm tea

Daily activities can cause the brain to become exhausted. In order for the brain, back calm and relaxed should return from the activity took time to drink tea without sugar. Tea contains high antioxidant substances that can increase the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream to the brain. Caffeine in tea is able to relieve muscle tension in the head muscles and smooth blood circulation around the head so that the soothing effects of tea can be felt immediately.

Turmeric drink

Turmeric is a cooking spice that contains vitamin C, Anti-bacteria, and high antioxidant substances. Turmeric can be made into a fresh drink added with honey and lemon juice. Simple herb is able to relax the tension of the brain and flow dark around the back of the neck. Antioxidants are able to remove the tension in the brain from too much thinking.

The tips on maintaining the health of the brain should be given and taught in children early childhood so that they can be responsible for always keep their brain health from various activities and their activities outside the home. Maintaining brain health is better done at a young age than when someone has matured because the better the brain condition in the age of growth will be the greater potential to stay healthy at dusk.