Creating a Safe Home for the Elderly

Various health problems generally affect the elderly. They need the contents of the house as well as possible to create a safe home for the elderly. The older the age, the decline in body function will occur in various organs, ranging from the senses of sight and hearing, bone density, to cognitive function. A safe house for the elderly is needed to minimize the risk of injury and disease. On senior care dallas, we always provide a safe place for the senior.

Osteoporosis or a condition of decreased bone density is common in the elderly. This condition requires the elderly to be more careful when moving the members of the body so as not to cause fractures of the bones, injuries or falls. By making several changes, the condition of a safe house for the elderly can be applied.

– Bathroom

Slippery floors and bathtubs make the bathroom an area where the elderly most often fall. The following things can be done to reduce the risk:

Install the handle on the bathroom wall, especially on the side of the shower, toilet, and bathtub. Grips can make it easier for the elderly to enter and exit the bathtub, and reduce the risk of slipping.
Seating under the shower makes the elderly who are not strong standing long can take a shower while sitting. Make sure the foot of the seat is not easily shifted on a slippery floor.
Place anti-slip rubber footwear on the floor before entering the bathroom.

– Family room and bedroom

Family rooms and bedrooms are areas where there are many objects that can cause the elderly to fall. Reset this room with a safe home guide for the elderly, as follows:

Trim and cover the cables that stretch into one, sticking to the wall. Better yet, use as little as possible wired electrical devices such as switching from a landline to a wireless phone or cell phone.
Minimize stacks of newspapers, books, cardboard, clothes, especially those that easily collapse, or scatter so there are more areas to move.
Change the color of certain tiles with different colors that are flashy to mark the last or first rung and move from the door of one room to another.
Reduce the use of carpet because it can actually make it slip.