Do You Plan To Get The Right Wheelchair For Children?

Modern wheelchairs are currently available in various designs, shapes, and sizes to suit the specific needs of people using wheelchairs. When you want to experience more features of a wheelchair, you may wonder where to rent wheelchair in singapore when it comes to choosing the wheelchair for your kid. Choosing a wheelchair for children, especially need to consider various things that must be adapted to the needs or conditions of the child. For example, for children with cerebral palsy a special CP wheelchair can be chosen that has a head grip, seat belt, adjustable slope, and a backrest that the users can tilt. Here are some factors to consider before buying a wheelchair for children:

1. Transportation

Electric wheelchairs are popular nowadays. For easier transportation it is recommended to use a lightweight wheelchair. For children whose movements are still normal and do not need a lot of support for the back or head, it is better to use a manual wheelchair. The lightweight sport model seat is very easily directed by hand and can be used for children who are very physically active.

If you often bring children to activities in the house or move your child from a wheelchair to an ordinary chair, then it’s better to choose a lightweight wheelchair. Choose one that has detachable hardware (you can remove it) so that you can bring the wheelchair closer to the chair as close as possible to avoid back injuries.

2. Children’s activities at school or activities other than at

It is recommended to consider choosing a wheelchair in accordance with the activities of children in school and other activities that your child follows. For example, if a child is active in sports activities, can choose a sports wheelchair, if the child likes to draw can be given an additional table in a wheelchair. In the case of this selection, it is better to discuss it together with the doctor and the doctor will choose the right specifications.

3. Size

You must go to buy a wheelchair that suits your child’s size and it’s better to buy a larger size when your child starts growing up, or buy a wheelchair that can keep up with your child’s growth. At present, there are many wheelchairs that can follow the growth of children and adapt along with the growth of children. You can start with a chair that has a low-speed control and exchange with a stronger one when your child grows up and can handle a wheelchair with big power.