Do You Protect The Paint Of Car?

Car body maintenance is an obligation for every car owner. Care of the right car body will make the car’s appearance always clean and durable. One problem that often occurs on the surface of the body of the car is the car’s paint color that fades and makes the appearance of the car dull. Do you need when you maintain your car?

Washing a good car can’t prevent the car’s paint color from fading especially if your car is often used every day. This accelerates the fading of the car’s paint color. In addition, there are several other factors that cause the car’s paint color to fade quickly, starting from exposure to sunlight, rainwater and more. That’s why it’s important to provide a good car paint protector for your car.

Car paint protectors are not only used to protect car paint to last a long time and it can also protect car paint from scratches and other risks that can endanger the body of the car. Nowadays, there are many car paint protectors that you can apply to your car. Nano ceramic car paint protectors use the latest technology.

Nano ceramic uses silica-based material with a higher density than other car paint protectors. So that makes dirt, dust, and residue difficult to enter into the paint pores of the car. This is what makes nano ceramic more durable to protect car paint.

The material or liquid will later be applied to the paint surface and the addition of film stickers at the end of the car door. So that later the protection of your car’s paint will be more maximal and last for a long time.

The difference between nano ceramic and wax is located at the level of molecular density. Nano ceramic has a smaller molecular level compared to waxed car paint protectors, causing dirt to be more difficult to enter than using wax. No wonder if the period of nano ceramic usage is longer than wax protectors.