Doing Your Own Exercises After English Class

You have just registered in an English course for preparation before your b1 English test. It is such a good decision to take as every English test is quite typical and requires you to know the characteristics before taking the test. Perhaps you are good at English but you are not guaranteed to get an excellent score in the test. In fact, it also requires you to work on it effectively. Instead of your initial approach to the characteristics of the test, you are going to feel quite difficult for you to manage your time of doing the test.

Thus, you really have to learn the test specifically. To learn it specifically also means to know some useful tips that assist you in working on the test in effective ways. In addition, you should not also count on your time of studying in the class. Time of doing your own exercise is also quite influential. In this case, you can schedule to do some exercises every after English class. By doing some exercises, you are going to find some different difficulties that you do not find when you learn in the class. You can just guess those difficult questions based on your understanding and see what key answers say.

Suppose you need more explanation about those questions, it is possible for you to ask for some help from your teacher in the class. They are supposed to feel quite excited as they find a student that really passionate in this field.

As you are consistent in doing your exercises every after the class, you can just wait for the right time when you eventually feel confident with your English skills and get yourself to register for the test. You should be patient when you are in the process of achieving your goals.