E-Commerce Business Acceleration Improves Logistics Business

The development of e-Commerce is so rapid, the impact on the growth of logistics and express service growth. In the period 2016-2017, almost all providers of logistics and express services grew above 30 percent. The development of e-Commerce so rapidly. Sales of big players e-Commerce rose quite high. This impacts on logistics and express. Almost all express growing rapidly. Habit shopping now to go online. The contribution of the population in big cities is very helpful, with large populations and generally well aware of the information, the contribution of big cities usually reaches half of the 10-15% of national logistics revenue. Nevertheless, the largest contributor is still held by the capital. Logistic entrepreneurs recognize that fashion is becoming the most widely purchased product online, nearly 48% of e-commerce packages shipped through logistics services are fashion products. The development of fashion is very large, in addition to fashion, culinary products that many people buy online. The high public enthusiasm for products and consumption, increasing the logistics effort that encourages El Mar Logistics to achieve success in logistics management.

El Mar Logistics has over 40 years of experience in the import and export industry sector by providing the best services such as international delivery, onshore delivery or even warehousing and product packaging. The high interest of the people to buy food online encourages El Mar Logistics to launch the best logistics services and consumers can buy unique food from various regions in the world. Most logistics companies have worked with several local companies because in the era of entering the massive Borderless World, more than half the world’s population is connected to the internet and the last two years of internet penetration rose significantly with a growth rate of 50.8 percent. This condition drives e-commerce growth significantly with the value of e-commerce transactions reached 46 billion dollars. Data association of internet organizers said internet penetration has reached 132.27 million from 256.2 million population or as many as 51.8% populations. In the previous year, internet user penetration was estimated at 88 million. Not only the population, the number of smartphone users also continues to climb significantly and become a compound growth that adds gadget users in the world and increase the rate of profit e-commerce and logistics.