Efficacy of Essential Oils for Health

An essential oil is an extract of fragrant oil obtained from the distillation of plants, flowers, roots, wood, or fruit seeds. In addition to being used for relaxation and calming the mind, essential oils can also be a cure for a disease. So, what are the benefits of natural essential oils for health?

Essential oils are not oils as they are generally because they do not contain fatty acids. The components are completely pure from plant extracts which are the source of their processing. Essential oils can be applied directly to the skin or inhaled by the aroma. But before applying it to the skin, dilute it first with the carrier oil such as olive oil or melted coconut oil. The following are the benefits of essential oils that you can get based on their natural ingredients.

1. Peppermint: digestive problems

If you’re nausea, diarrhea, or stomach cramps, it’s a good idea to try rubbing your stomach with peppermint essential oil. The reason is, peppermint essential oil contains compounds that can calm the digestive muscles and help remove the gas that causes stomach ache. In addition, peppermint essential oil can also increase energy and stamina. According to a study of the aroma of essential oils of peppermint, it is also able to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

2. Lemon: improves mood

Japanese experts found that the aroma of lemon essential oil can help control symptoms of depression. In fact, the use of lemon essential oil can reduce the use of antidepressant drugs in people with depression. In addition, the benefits of lemon essential oil can also remove toxins in the body and help overcome acne. Because the aromas that are produced can increase mood, this one oil is also good for increasing your focus and concentration.

3. Tea tree oil: prevent infection

Tea tree oil is one of the essential oils that has been chosen to fight skin infections thanks to its antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. Applying tea tree oil can overcome skin infections and rashes. For those of you who have dandruff problems, tea tree essential oils can also be the right choice. Apply a few drops of tea tree essential oil directly to the head or mix with shampoo before using it for shampooing.