Elegant Hair Model for Short Hair

Short haircuts for black women models had become a popular trend for many women in 2015. In 2016, the trend of short haircuts for black women was still in great demand because it was very simple and easy to care for. Unfortunately, many women are running out of mind to arrange short haircuts for their black women so that the style displayed seems monotonous. For those of you who have short haircuts for black women and want to try a new style, here are elegant hairstyles that you can try by just using the flat iron. The style of short haircuts for the first black women is a chic fluffy hairdo without disturbing “duck tail”. For some people, the main problem of short haircuts for black women is the stubbornness of the ends of the hair that are reluctant to enter. Hair sometimes leads out and is shaped like a duck’s tail. With the help of flat iron, these stubborn hairs can be curved inward so that the results of the beautiful hair expands.

How to make this hairstyle is very easy. First of all, don’t forget to spray hair protection before you start styling the hair. The next step, you only need to divide the hair into two parts, namely the top and the bottom. Begin to poke the lower part of the hair with the incoming movement. After all the lower hair is painted, open the top and do the same with the lower hair. Do not forget to poke the bangs. After everything is finished, spray hairspray to maintain the hair shape. To give a feminine impression to your style, try pulling the bangs to the side and pin the bobby pin. You can also add bobby pins on the other side of the hair. An elegant feminine style can get you instantly.

The third hairstyle that you can create is a curly and messy hairstyle. This messy hairstyle can give the impression of being sexy and elegant at once. To make a hairstyle like this, you simply use a flat iron to make the hair dimensionless. Take hair bit by bit and heat it with the flat iron. When the hair is in a flat iron, rotate the flat iron to make the hair fold several times. Pull the flat iron to the tip of the hair slowly. Voila! Straight hair turned wavy instantly. Do this for the entire upper hair. Remember, it should only be at the top. The lower part of your hair doesn’t need to be wavy to avoid the shape of hair that is too messy. After that, just trim your hair with your fingers and spray hairspray.

Half Side Hair Style for short hair is a choice of hairstyles that are very suitable for attending formal events. for the first step, you can make your hair wavy like a previous hairstyle. Using a comb that has been sprayed with hairspray, point the hair on the left and right to the back. Don’t forget to use Bobby Pin to keep your hair in position. After that, take the front hair, comb it back, then change the order to the side. Use a flat iron to clarify the waves on the front hair. Then arrange your hair to the side and give hairspray to the hair roots. Remove the bobby pin that was mounted on the left and right sides of the hair. Then, pin the bobby pin back on one side of the hair, precisely in the hair behind the ear so that the hairdo is maintained.