Erection Process And How Erectile Dysfunction Can Occur

Having sex is a fun thing right? But it can be a nightmare if you have an illness.
Unwanted disease by men is Disfuncion erectile because this can be the main cause of couples having no interest.
In a relationship, sex is important because it is a human need if erectile dysfunction occurs in men, women cannot get satisfaction in sex because they do not get penetration from their partners.
Erectile events occur through a combination of cooperation between the brain, peripheral nervous system, and blood vessels in the penis.

Sexual stimuli mixed by the brain are then transmitted by the peripheral nervous system to the penis so that there is an increase in blood flow into the penis and the closure of blood flow to the outside of the penis.
So that the penis becomes elongated, stiff and hard.

The stimulating delivery process is aided by the work of certain hormones. Based on the mechanism, the causes of erectile dysfunction can be divided into organic and non-organic causes.
Non-organic causes are psychological problems, such as depression or problems with a partner.
While organic causes are caused by certain diseases / medical conditions that cause interference with peripheral nerves, hormonal disorders or disorders of blood vessels.

Medical diseases/conditions that are often associated with erectile dysfunction are diabetes mellitus, hypertension, high cholesterol, hypogonadism, neurological disorders,
consumption of certain drugs (eg antihypertensive, sedative, antiepileptic, antiandrogen), drug use, drinking alcohol, kidney failure, post surgery in the pelvic area, etc.
A healthy lifestyle and a good diet will prevent erectile dysfunction from occurring.
But the most important thing is to check your health if you have seen the characteristics of erectile dysfunction.
If you have never had sex and want to make sure if you don’t have erectile dysfunction, you should consult a doctor to find out because you might have genetics from a family that has erectile dysfunction.