Exfoliate An Old Wall, Then Re-Paint It

The most common problem when repainting the walls is that the new paint can not stick so the result is less than perfect because the old paint cannot all be removed. This problem is caused because the wall is too old, so the adhesion becomes reduced. If you encounter problems like this, our painter can help to clean old wall paint. You visit our website and see our homepage to get our number.

To overcome this problem, one of the usual ways of practicing a painter is to do the cleaning first. In order to get rid of an old wall, paint can get the best results, there are several techniques that must be done. The first is to use a paint remover. Paint remover has been sold in paint stores and building materials so it is easy to get it.

How to use paint remover is very easy, apply a brush on the old paint. Then wait a while until the paint is peeling off. After that exfoliate and cleaned with water to paint remover that still attached can be lost. Wait until completely dry, just start painting new colors. When using paint remover, a painter will be careful because this fluid contains acids that can damage the skin.

In addition to paint remover, can use thinner. Better thinner used to have good quality, for example, is epoxy or ND. These two types of thinner have a good level to peel old paint. The price is more affordable and also more exfoliating paint done. Apply a thinner liquid on the part that will be scraped with a brush. Without the need to wait, the exfoliate can be done immediately. Even faster will be better, because waiting too long will make the thinner to evaporate and dry out. As a result, the scraping process fails and must be smeared thinner again. If the wall is too large in size, apply thinner little by little so thinner does not quickly dry out and wasted.