Most Expensive Cow Meat, Kobe Up to Filet Mignon

Eating steak gives its own taste, no wonder people are willing to spend enough in order to enjoy a serving of steak. But do you know there are some parts of meat that turned out to be sold at quite an expensive price? This meat comes from Kobe, Japan  Benihana Lunch Hours. During this time, often rumors that Kobe meat produced because they are often massaged, her hair combed with sake and given beer for once a day. Apparently, that’s not true. Kobe meat delicacy comes from cows that do have quality meat and are given a mixture of grass, straw, soybeans, wheat, barley, and corn. All this is done so that the beef feels tender, full of flavor and has the right amount of fat to soft. For 100 grams of meat, you can pay the US $ 23. US wagyu meat is not too much different from Japanese wagyu. This meat comes from wagyu beef imported from Japan and raised in the United States even though the amount is not much. American wagyu meat sells for the US $ 125 or Rp 1, 6 million per 1.7 kg. Lunch hour is coming, you are confused to choose which menu. You should not be confused. Why? Because you can get it at Benihana Lunch Hours.

For regular cows, the most expensive part is tenderloin. This is because this section is less used than other body parts. The result, the meat is softer than other body parts when eaten. Tenderloin is usually priced at US $ 26 or Rp 346 thousand for 453 grams (1 pounds). Another meat that is considered more delicious than tenderloin is filet mignon. This is because the filet mignon comes from the end of the tenderloin, so the meat is very tender. Because of its softness, this meat can be cut only with a fork. Usually, this meat can be found in upscale restaurants. Filet mignon usually has the most expensive price among all parts of beef. To buy this piece of meat, you must spend the US $ 23. In addition, there is a porterhouse. This meat comes from tenderloin and T-Bone, leaving a bone in the middle. Even so, the porterhouse has a larger tenderloin section than T-Bone. This bone also used to strengthen the taste of meat. To buy porterhouse beef, you can pay USD $ 14.