Factory workers often suffer from Sleep disturbance and obesity

Sleep disturbances that occur in factory workers are usually caused by shift shifts from morning, afternoon and night. Sleep disorders are associated with disruption of the circadian rhythm or the body’s biological clock. Not only workers who get the night shift, people who are required to start work from dawn can also experience sleep disorders. Shifting shifts in factory workers play an important role in the sleep cycle of workers. You may not be able to sleep during the day and eventually not be able to work optimally on your night shift. Apart from that, go to jobcentreonline when you want to find more job opportunities www.myonlinejobcentre.co.uk/jobcentre-plus-job-search/job-centre-online-application-form.

Diagnosis of sleep disorders in factory workers is usually enforced by doctors using sleep journals. You will be asked for work hours, when you sleep, how long you sleep, and how you feel when you wake up. The doctor will also ask if you often feel tired or overslept at work. In addition, there is a tool called actigraphy, used as a clock, this tool will measure your movements during day and night.

Sleep disturbances can cause workers to suffer from reduced concentrations, thereby increasing the risk of accidents, both workplace accidents and accidents on the trip.

In addition, research conducted at factory workers in an industry in Italy states that factory workers who have shift work hours are found to be more obese when compared to workers who work regularly every day. Shift workers also have a higher systolic blood pressure because they are affected by increasing levels of fat in the body. In addition, there are also more signs of metabolic syndrome in shift workers.

This is related to the work of the circadian rhythm or the body’s biological clock. When you eat at night, the hormones in the bodywork in a resting phase so that when there is food in, more effort is needed to digest food.