Fun Holidays by Trying the Dufan ride

Trying the ride Dufan Ancol is the main destination for tourists to visit this amusement park. For information, the rides here are divided into several levels, namely Water Ride, Family Ride, Children Rides, and Thrill Ride. Here are some rides you can try besides arung jeram dufan.

– Ice Age Arctic Adventure

You need to know that Ice Age Arctic Adventure is the first ice theme ride in Asia. If you are a fan of Ice Age animated films, then you must try this ride. In the animated film, the process of melting ice in the Arctic is told. Now, in Ice Age Arctic Adventure, you can also feel the process of melting ice.

Besides that, there are other exciting things that you can enjoy, namely dark ride. Through the dark ride, you will be invited to adventure with a variety of special effects and advanced technology full of surprises. Here, you will also feel a cold sensation like being in real Antarctica. There are also some replicas of ancient animals that are made as if they are alive and of course will add to the sensation of tension and excitement when you enjoy this ride.

– Ferris Wheel / Bianglala

Although not a new ride for Dufan, the Ferris wheel remains one of the favorite rides for visitors. Ferris wheel is a large wheel that will take you to see beautiful scenery from a height that reaches approximately 30 meters above sea level. The capacity of the Bianglala can be for 180 people. Surely it will be one of the rides that must be tried with your closest people.

– Leaning House

Leaning House is one of the rides of Dufan Ancol that does not rely on mechanical power like the others. This place carries the concept of building engineering that is able to manipulate the senses of sight. When entering and traveling around, you will see every object in this house looks slanted. Seeing this, there are usually visitors who will walk very carefully and hold on because as if they will fall on them.