Get to Know About Breast Cancer Detection

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affects women, which also cause most of the death in Indonesia. It happens because of the rapid growth of abnormal cells in the breast. If it does not spread immediately, breast cancer can spread to the other parts of your body, such as bones, lungs, liver, and brain. So that’s why breast cancer detection must be done as soon as possible.

If you’re concerned about breast cancer, here’s more information about the breast cancer detection that you should know.

Breast Cancer Detection

Early detection of breast cancer is a must. You can use BSE or Breast Self-Examination, which must be done regularly at least once a month. Make sure to d it after the menstruation begins. This breast cancer detection is not as difficult as we thought, you can consider several steps for doing the BSE, such as standing in front of the mirror in the open clothes and make sure the room lighting is good, take a look to the shape and size of your breast whether there are any changes or not. You have to check the skin color or the shape of the nipple while watching your breasts and press firmly.

It’s not only that, the breast cancer can also be detected by paying attention to some parts of your body, such as there are lumps in the breast, red nipples that are drawn in, the breast skin will look rough like an orange skin, and also the shape of the breast becomes asymmetry worse than before. Make sure to check and detect any changes in your body to get the right treatments as your health problems, so it can be healed as soon as possible.

That’s all the information about breast cancer detection that you should know. You can do a consultation with a doctor, so they will do the breast checking according to the best medical rule. Hope it will be useful information for you who needed it.