Going to the Cinema with your kids

Before the baby is born, Parents can be free anytime want to go to watch with her husband. No preparation whatsoever. However, now it should take extra preparation. Meanwhile, you can also check out lonelyseal online film festival for the high-quality movies.

Here are some tips for the adventure of the little to the cinema can run successfully:

Tips to bring the child to the cinema

1. Make sure the child is really ready

Actually, there is not the right age to bring children to watch movies in cinemas. However, for children under 2 years old, you should use earplugs to muffle the sound during the movie.

Most parents begin to take their children to the movies around the age of 3 or 4 years. But if the child is sensitive to loud or dark sounds, wait until he is a little bigger.

2. Select the right movie

Choose movies that are child-friendly. Usually, animated films are more interesting for children who are still toddlers.

In addition, consider the duration of the film. Movies that are too long with a slow path can make a child bored and become fussy.

3. Sign in later

No need to rush into the theater room. We recommend skipping the ads and trailers that play before the movie starts.

Children under the age of 8 cannot distinguish between ads and film content. So it can make them confused when watching.

In addition, the sound of commercials and trailers is usually louder and can frighten children before the movie begins.

4. Plan carefully

Most children have a good mood early in the day. So you should plan to watch on the first schedule of the cinema.

Make sure the child is full and sleep well in the evening. Bring snacks that are easy to eat in the cinema. And do not forget to bring a drink.

5. Follow the flow

If the child begins to whine out, just follow his will. Do not feel the loss of having paid the ticket.

Children who are forced to watch until nervous and even crying and screaming it would be difficult to be invited to a cinema a second time.

Sometimes, getting a fussy child sitting down for a while in the lobby can calm him down, and get him back into the theater.