Guide to Choosing the Right Clock for Your Home

A room seems incomplete if it is not decorated by the presence of a wall clock. Not only serves as a time marker, a wall clock can also be an ornament to decorate the walls of the room. There is also a wall clock model at this time very much and varied. We can freely choose the type and model of the best digital wall clocks we want to make the wall or room more memorable.

Based on its shape, there are several types of clocks commonly used. Not only different in terms of form, but also different in terms of function. The types of clocks include:

– Wristwatch

This clock is a very practical type of clock because it is created so that it can be carried everywhere by looping on the wrist. The model also varies. Usually, a clock model for men is different from a clock for women. Hours for men are bigger and look manly, while clocks for women are smaller and look feminine.

– Clock

This clock is a very effective time indicator because it can be seen by many people at the same time. Therefore, wall clocks are usually placed in a higher place in a room.

– Alarm clock

This type of clock is very meritorious to wake up the user at the set time. Therefore, this clock is also equipped with a speaker that functions to emit an alarm. These clocks are usually placed on a table or other places that are easily accessible quickly.

– Digital clock

This type of clock is more sophisticated and innovative. If usually the clock is marked clockwise around the numbers one to twelve, the digital clock only displays the current number. This clock is run electronically.

In addition to differences in physical form, the clock also has a difference in the building material. Some of the clock-forming materials that we commonly encounter include:

– Stainless steel
Stainless steel or known as stainless steel is a material that is very durable. However, so that it still looks sleek, the hours made from this material must be kept clean.

– Plastic
The type of watch that comes from plastic is very widely produced. Besides being lightweight, plastic material is practical in its maintenance.