Halloween Arrives, Here’s Some Movie Title That You Can Watch

When Halloween, you will definitely find everything that is a little creepy and make the spooky atmosphere more visible. One of the things you can use is the wizards that you should get in witchcraft supplies. That way, the spooky and grim atmosphere will be more visible in your home.

In addition to a variety of things about the witch, you can also watch a variety of film about Halloween that shades of horror for the Halloween atmosphere more visible and felt in your house. You can watch the various movies with your family and friends at home. Some of the movie references you can watch are

– The Addams family
This movie released in 1991 tells the story of a family trying to save their uncle from danger. Although the film is themed ‘dark’, the scenes that appear still invite the laughter of the audience. In addition, the film also contains many moral messages related to the family.

– Ghostbusters
Well, who is not familiar with this film made by Ivan Reitman. This film had hits in the 1980s to receive various awards at the time. The film tells the story of three parapsychologists who quit their jobs and began forming Ghostbusters to root out supernatural beings.

– Hocus Pocus
The film, released in 1993, tells the story of three witches who were sentenced to death and a child cursed to a cat. This movie is suitable to watch with your family because of the moral message and the scenes are not too scary.

– Beetlejuice
Another Halloween movie worth watching with your family. The film directed by Tim Burton was released in 1988. The film highlights the story of a pair of ghosts who are married and live in an empty house. Their lives began to be disturbed when a family moved into the house.

All the titles of the movie can be watched in the Halloween time and you can enjoy it at home with your family and friends to make the Halloween feel more.