How To Apply Bowstring Wax

There are many things that built for life while some simply do not. However, without proper maintenance, the things we own will have a shorter life span. That is why it is really important to maintain your archery equipment especially the string when you use a compound bow. Compound bow strings may last a long time but with proper care, you could prolong it. One of the most important forms of care you could give your bow string is waxing. By applying wax to your bowstring, you will avoid any fraying that could to bowstring snap. While there are many debates on how often should you wax your string one thing for sure is to never apply wax with leather. There are so many videos that show people applying wax to their bowstrings using leather and you want to avoid it because the friction will create heat that might damage your string. You want to use your fingers because the heat will simply melt the wax and did not cause damage.
Many people only wax the front side of the bowstring but you need to do it 360 degrees around it. This will help to assure you that the wax will coat the string from outside to the inside. You also need to be really careful because we only want to wax the string and no other part of the bow especially the serving. The wax will loosen the serving and it will lose the grip and you would want that to happen. With a whole variety of wax, you could choose whatever you like but make sure you avoid bees or candle wax because of these types of wax only good for traditional bowstring whereas made of natural fibers. Choose the wax that made specifically for the modern bowstring. Remember don’t overdo it because too much wax will only make the dirt and sand stick to the string.