How to Clean the Car without Having to the Car Salon

Selling a car is your choice when it is necessary. Whatever type and brand of your car, it’s still a used car that you want to sell. The used car must have a price far enough with its new price. But still relative to the condition of the used car both exterior and interior. Each buyer will definitely see the look of the used car they will buy before checking the condition of the engine. Beautify the interior and exterior of the used car that you will sell is a very recommended step for the sale price of the used car is well preserved. That is, the selling price does not drop dramatically. Cleaning used cars do not have to use car salon services. To save money and can do a detailed cleaning, by visiting car detailing san diego.

– When doing the washing provide two buckets. One with a foaming cleanser, another one containing only water. Both of these buckets have their respective functions. Once you have dipped the cloth into foaming water and cleaned the car, then the foamy and soiled cloth dipped into a bucket of water. This is to keep the cloth clean to take the cleaning foam again afterward and certainly does not pollute the cleaning bucket.

– Previously mentioned that avoid using dishwashing detergent. The cleaning detergent can strip the polymer from your paint coat. Another effect is to speed up the oxidation process as well.

– Spray it first with clean water to the entire surface of the car body. Spraying is to remove dirt, mold or fat that sticks in your car. In certain parts such as under the car, it is better to be sprayed with higher pressure water.

– Begin to wash the car from the top and then down. Use a low pH soap and use a sponge to give soap to the car body. Begin to wash and soap off the roof of the car, then rinse immediately with clean water before the soap dries. Do it and repeat on other parts after the part was clean.

– To minimize the spots do spray with clean water on the final rinse throughout the body. Then dry with a towel. It needs attention, do not let the wind or the sun’s heat dry it. If that happens then there will be soapy patches.