How to Increase Sales with Video Marketing

Nowadays video marketing is increasingly used by businessmen to market their products or services. With video marketing, you can increase sales and generate good engagement with customers. Based on the dimensions, there are two types of video marketing that is real video (through the shooting process), 2D animation video and 3D animated video. Get the best animation skill on our website.

In addition, video marketing is also classified according to its use, namely:

1. Video Profile
Video Profile is used to introduce the figure and profile of your company. This medium is usually used as a marketing tool to explain the background of your company and display what products or services it offers.

2. Tutorials and Product Reviews
Video tutorials are a medium to describe your product both in recognition of features and design, to how to use and apply the product. This is a very effective way to introduce new products and make your customers understand the features and how to use your product.

3. Video Interview
Video interviews are used for various promotional purposes of your company, such as displaying customer testimonials, employee testimonials, and as a medium to gather information from various sources of supporters.

4. Video Documentary
Documentary videos are the media documentation of your company’s activities, whether in terms of doing projects, employee work activities, or covering special events or events.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Connect with the Audience
Video marketing is a creative medium that connects sellers with buyers, as it allows customers to see and know your product or service in an interesting way.

Increase in Sales
Prospective customers who view video marketing will be more interested in buying products or services on offer, as video marketing builds awareness in an interesting and easy to understand way.

Video Content for Brand Remarketing
According to a survey from HubSpot, more than 75 percent of consumers who have seen your video marketing will return to your page. The power of video marketing is audio and visual, so consumers will be able to recall 70% more content than text or audio.

Strengthen Credibility
Video marketing is the perfect way to create credibility, personality or branding for your business, allowing you to connect with various audiences and gain their trust.