How to Participate in Maintaining Marine Ecosystems as Tourists

Nowadays there are many ways to participate in maintaining marine ecosystems. As you know, the condition of fish, plants and coral reefs in the sea is threatened by illegal human activities. Therefore, various parties who have an awareness of this have begun to hold various activities to invite the public to understand life at sea. One of them is through swim with whale sharks, which are mostly done by marine tourism. They hope that through this method they will be able to introduce the importance of marine life to tourists.

When you point to a country that has the beauty of an exotic sea, you can also participate in maintaining that beauty including:

– Be an educated consumer.
Consider carefully every coral object that we buy either on the beach, souvenir shops or online. Ask the seller in detail or who owns the shop from where he got the reefs and whether the country where he got the reef has good coral reef management. Do not be consumptive but do not know its origin, if we indirectly support the movement of coral destruction.

– Maintain the cleanliness of the beach and the sea
Never even throw garbage either in the form of plastic, cigarette butts or human waste into the water. Never leave trash on the beach, always throw it in its place.

– Report illegal waste activity
Report the disposal of illegal waste or other illegal activities that the voyagers find out there. Activities such as waste disposal cannot be done carelessly and if you are involved in this, your actions can be reported.

– Hire a local guide
You can hire a local guide when visiting these sights. From them, we can learn not only about the resources that are there but we also help protect the future of coral reefs in the area by supporting the non-consumptive economy around these coral reefs.