How To Take Care Of Orchids So They Can Bloom Perfectly

When you want a beautiful orchid, the first step is getting good seeds first. Orchid seeds that have good criteria are one year old and have leaves and roots. The way to plant it is to put the seeds in plastic for three months and after that, they are transferred into pots with a diameter of 6-12 cm. After that, you can fertilize it and water the orchid flower the right way. Meanwhile, you can also check out the best at the stores near your area.

Planting in a good and right place

When you want to treat a good and correct moon orchid, you should pay attention to how to plant and a good location for orchids. Orchid plants do not require a lot of sunlight, and it only needs about 20 percent of the sun every day, so place them at a temperature range of 30 degrees Celsius for daytime and around 23 degrees for the night.

Flush regularly with the right technique

The activity of watering plants is sometimes considered trivial, whereas, in the types of orchids, you have to water them periodically with the right techniques so that the flowers of the orchid plants can thrive and they also bloom beautifully.

The right way to water orchids is to water the roots every day and do it at two times, namely in the morning between 7 – 9 am and in the afternoon between 3 – 5 pm.

However, if it’s the rainy season, you do not need to water the orchids if the planting location is in the open because orchids will get enough water from the rainwater.

Avoid watering orchids with too much water because it will cause a level of humidity that is too high, causing the flowers to rot and overgrown with fungi. You can use about 500 ml of water. To make these plants more fertile, you can also give hormones to the flowers occasionally.