How To Use Gas Grill At Your Outdoor Kitchen Or Back Yard

So, do you already have or plan to buy Paradise Grills Direct from the trusted online store? Grilling becomes one of the good ways not only to enjoy the delicious foods but also spend quality time with loved ones.

Roasting directly on a gas grill (gas grill barbecue) will look difficult for those who do not know the trick. With lots of practice, grilling various food ingredients with this tool will be even easier.

1. Position the grill away from flammable objects like tree branches. Do not also use the gas grill in the room.

2. Always clean the grill gas with a wire brush before baking. For best results, heat the gas grill to the hottest temperature before cleaning, then turn off the grill.

3. Clean the stones in the baking gas with the special cleaning recommended by the factory. Oil and liquids dripping from the flesh when not cleaned can cause the fire to be dangerous.

4. Brush the baking gas with olive oil or vegetable oil before use. Even if you use oil in processed meat, keep the grill to the left so that the food is not sticky.

5. Soak the meat with herbs, salt, pepper and oil for 20 minutes before baking. Ideally, meat should be at room temperature before baking.

6. Heat the grill until it’s as hot as possible.

7. Place the meat and roast for about 3-5 minutes on each side to medium level. If you like a steak that is not too ripe, just burn for 2-3 minutes per side. For meat pieces more than 3/4 inch thick, burn for up to two minutes for each side.

8. After that, remove the meat from the roasting gas, transfer it to the plate, and leave the meat for 15 days to rest so that the juice does not come out.