How To Wash A Musty Carpet Or Rug

Having a carpet that is always clean and beautiful is something that housewives always miss. We know that carpet is a household appliance that is always used, stepped on, occupied by most residents of the house. Therefore the carpet is very fast and easy to get dirty. If cleaned regularly every week, your carpet might be durable and look always new

Another case if rarely washed, certainly causes musty odor and the danger of causing germs caused by germs that stick to the carpet. Unlike the carpet, the rug must be treated better, so that you do not damage the shape and beauty of the motif of the rug. Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches can clean your rug without losing its beauty.

Carpet or rug should be washed and cleaned at least once a month so that it is easy and durable and does not cause musty odor. Before washing carefully check the state of the carpet, if anyone has torn, whether the carpet is still good or much has been lost.

Actually how to wash carpets is not as difficult as imagined. Usually not because of the difficult way to wash the carpet, especially if the carpet is very dirty, but because it is lazy. Nothing has been imagined going to be difficult to wash it. Want to know how to easily? let’s follow how to do it step by step:

1. The first step is to spread your carpet on the floor, then wipe away any dust that is sticking it with using a vacuum cleaner.

2. Second, spread your carpet on a clothesline so it is easy to water. How to water it is done by using a high voltage water spray so that the dust is all gone.

3. Well, after making sure the entire carpet is wet, then pour enough detergent and brush gently.

4. After that, then rinse the carpet by spraying water again, but with a lower pressure with the aim of fur carpet does not fall out again.

5. Repeat Step 4 thoroughly.

6. Don’t forget to put a deodorizer in water then spray it on the carpet.

7. Dry the carpet in an air-conditioned way. So it is not directly exposed to direct sunlight.

8. Make sure the carpet is dry completely, then put the carpet on the floor and sprinkle baking soda so that the smell disappears and smells like new.

9. The process of washing your carpet is complete.
That’s the simplest way to wash carpets easily.

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