Ideas to Make Children Entertained at Home on a Rainy Day

A rainy day can be a boring day for children. So, for those of you who currently staying at home with children on a rainy day, you can try to find ideas for something to do together with the children to make them entertained. Here are some of the ideas that you can try:

– Do a treasure hunt game

One of the most entertaining things you can try is to do a treasure hunt game. To do it, you can make some clues scattered throughout the house-one hint will lead to the next clue. This will keep the kids busy trying to find the treasure. Hidden treasures can be toys, snacks, fun activities, or small gifts. Children can compete with each other, or they can play in teams and work together to find the treasure.

– Make obstacles in the house

You can make all sorts of obstacles that children must go through. The obstacle could be anything such as crawling under the table, walking straight along lines made with tape on the floor, stuffing the doll into a bucket, jumping up and down the corridor, rolling across the room, or taking something with a tooth. Exchange your thoughts with children to determine the appropriate obstacles to your home using the things you own. You can make medals for the winners of the thick folding paper. make sure that the obstacles you place at home are safe to use. Do not let the rainy day please you end up with an injury.

– Make a craft

Other than the choices above, you can also try to take out your handicraft tools and make yourself. Hiasilah cypress, make a finger puppet, paint a picture with watercolor, make a collage of leaves, and make shapes of flannel to create a picture story. The only limitations are your imagination. You can let the children choose their own craft. In this way, each child can do something that attracts them so they will not get bored.