If the Nanny is Sick, Do It!

The delicacy of a child suddenly needs to be thought when the nanny is sick. How to settle this situation? nanny children help you take care of the child while you are running your role as a worker. Your calm running this dual role could suddenly waver when nanny sick child. Visit The Savoir Vivre Website to get the best nanny.

Questions hit your mind. Who will take care of my son? Will a replacement nanny run a task like the usual nanny to nurture her? Is it ok my son with the replacement nanny? What about the sick nanny? What should I do?

Stay at home. If you are unable to take care of your child, the following things can be considered:

– Take leave. If conditions at work allow you to stay, ask for parental permission at home. At home, you can at the same time pay attention to the sick nanny. If you do not have another day off, talk to your boss about the possibility of changing that workday on another day. For example, at the end of the week when the couple can take care of the child. You can also increase work time on other days by working overtime when nanny healed.

– Work from home. As technology progresses, not a few jobs and workplaces allow you to work from home. If this can be an option, you can still get the job done while raising the child at home.

– Switch with a partner. If it is not possible to take time off, take turns with a partner to take care of the child. For example, in the morning until noon you are babysitting. During the day, take turns husband who takes care of children. Of course, adjust the division of this task with your own work schedule.

– Looking for a replacement nanny. When deciding to find a replacement nanny, you can do the following ways:
Contacting relatives. Ask your parents or relatives who live not too far from your home or office, whether they can look after your child while you work.

– Call the agent. If nanny takes a few days off, please contact the The Savoir Vivre Website where you get a nanny. Ask for a replacement nanny. This action requires you to spend additional funds but, at least, you quietly die the child