The Importance of Drinking Water before Driving

Dehydration can reduce the level of concentration and alertness of a person to the surrounding conditions, including when in a busy street super busy. The risk of traffic accidents increases almost doubled when driving with a dehydrated body. The driving error rate also increases with time and peaks in the last 30 minutes. Dehydration can also be caused by a driver drinking alcohol before driving a vehicle. It can actually be a violation for the driver but to help you avoid a prolonged legal process it would be better if you hired the drunk driving lawyer detroit to help you undergo an easier legal process.

As we know that two-thirds of the human body is fluid. That’s why your body needs enough water input to function optimally. When your body loses more water than you drink, you can become dehydrated. Most of the body fluids are gone from sweating and urinating. Imbalance of fluid levels can make the body cannot function optimally normally. Unfortunately, often we do not realize that the body has lost a lot of fluids. Because the sign of dehydration is not just thirsty so you may be late to realize it. When you are dehydrated, the blood becomes thickened by the lack of salt and sugar in the body. This makes the heart must work harder to keep oxygen and nutrients moving throughout the circulatory system. The lack of oxygenated blood can make you quickly drowsy and tired.

Dehydration can also make you very confused and have a reflex response that is so difficult to readily make emergency decisions on the streets. For example, when suddenly there is a vehicle that cuts the line, the brain will process this change more slowly before deciding what you should do: swerving move the lane, horn, or brake. Unwittingly this will make the rider clumsy around and very likely a fatal accident.