Important Things When Buying the First House

The experience of buying a first home can be fun and full of confusion. It’s because the process of buying a house, in fact, is a bit more complicated, especially for those of you who are still unfamiliar with the property. Meanwhile, before we continue, perhaps you also want to see the recommended

For that, for those of you who are first home buyers, consider the following steps!

1. Check the market price of the house in the area

Do quick research by looking at ad listings for buying and selling houses in the location you want. You can also check the lowest price of the Tax Object Selling Value that can be seen on the official website of the National Land Agency.

After knowing the market price for one square meter, imagine how much the occupancy fits your needs. From there you can get an estimate of the desired house price.

2. Know the total monthly installments

Mortgage fees are usually included with nominal taxes and home insurance. However, there are also some KPR brochures that do not include the tax price into the installment scheme. If insurance costs are large enough, know what protection you get.

So you have to be more critical asking marketing or property agents who offer mortgage products.

3. Know the final price you want to pay

The process of property transactions is usually accompanied by thin negotiations for discounts or promotional bonuses. Some people determine the ideal price range for buying a home. But it’s better if you have an overview of the total price you want to pay at closing.

This will make it easier for you if you want to ask for help from an agent to find a home.

4. Knowing installment abilities

Usually, the buyer sets aside less than 28 percent of the monthly income to repay the mortgage. If more than 30 percent will increase the risk of bad credit.