Know How MLM Works

Revital U scam is an interesting topic for those who have the plan to choose revital u as the MLM option. Did you know how MLM will work for you? Here are what you should know:

Everyone will benefit from the buying and selling activities he does. If he wants to get a bigger bonus, then he can also build a bigger organization.

Those who are below, but can build a larger organization than those who invite them, then they have the opportunity to get greater profits than the people who invited him above.

If in a certain period a partner does not purchase the product, then he will not benefit even if the path below produces an unlimited turnover.

Every person who joins an MLM business and wants to get a bigger bonus, then he must act as a seller or end-user by buying a number of products that qualify to get a bonus, and he must also sponsor other people to form a business organization that can produce the turnover.

Does the Pyramid concept apply to the above system that has the understanding that the top will always be more profitable than the one below? The answer is “no” because if the partner under can build a larger organization, then he will get a greater profit than the person who invited him who is above. In this MLM business people often question the concept of Pyramid, and prohibit the practice of the Pyramid. The question is whether the concept of the life pyramid in life as a whole does not apply.

For your information, some MLMs today use unilevel bonus calculations, and this is one of the improvements in bonus calculations commonly used in MLM businesses. Well to be able to enjoy the bonus, there are still some MLMs who manipulate the calculations so that the calculation for the bonus is not absolutely determined by turnover.