Know Some Ways To Hold The Golf Stick

Playing golf is indeed a fun thing to do. There are many people who play golf so that their health is maintained and they can maintain communication with important people around them For this reason, many people choose the right golf course. One of them is a phuket golf. By choosing the right golf course, you can feel good golf.

One thing that is important but often overlooked by many people is how to hold a stick properly. Actually, there are several ways to hold the right golf stick. Some of the ways referred to here are

1. The first thing you have to do is hold the grip (grip stick) on your left hand crosswise, and the base of the grip on your left palm down and sloping until the second part of your index finger is stretched. then gently grip, not hard and not soft (relaxed). note the support of your grip is centered on the ring finger and middle finger. Remember to position your grip like a V-shaped straight with the head club (stick head).

2. Then the right hand slowly grasps from the bottom with the little finger between the middle finger and index finger of the left hand. Then gently grip your left hand on part V and form a new V with your right hand and make stick. Remember do not be afraid of your grip regardless of when you swing. if the technique of holding a golf stick is good and right it will definitely not come loose and will not loose.

3. If you have done a series of techniques before then you are ready to do a swing properly and correctly.

Pay attention to these three techniques and you will be able to do a golf match well.