Know The Condition Of The Land Before You Buy It

If you want to buy land, even for an investment or to build your own house, you should check the soil conditions. Physically we need to check the size or size of the land, the boundaries of the land, the shape of the land, and the condition of the land. For the size and boundary, it needs to be ascertained whether it is in accordance with the statement of the land certificate and with a limit that is in accordance with the land boundary of others. In the meantime, you can go to lebih banyak bantuan  if you’re interested in lots of lands or properties in Lombok.

Sometimes the empty land that is sold does not appear to be clearly demarcated. In addition to assessing the area of land is also adjusted to our search needs, whether the area is in accordance with the plan for the construction of houses or other buildings. In addition we also need to review the location of the land to the environment to see the value of its investment in the next few years. This is necessary for people who do buy land for investment purposes.

For soil conditions, we see whether the soil is in the form of rock types, mountainous areas, coastal areas, or perhaps uneven surfaces and soft soil contours. This is important because it is very useful in determining additional costs when building a building on the land. Because maybe we need a fee to add embankments, or maybe assess the source of water that will be used in the place.

Usually, people buy land, especially in newly developed areas without thinking about water sources and irrigation. So that when building a house, it will take more than usual to make it bigger and more complicated when making access to water sources and household waste disposal pathways.