Knowing the Basic Things Before Choosing the Digital Marketing Solution

The world of Digital marketing is a very dynamic field. Today digital marketing consultants innovate with diverse strategies. There are basic things that are the foundation that we need to know even when you decide to choose digital marketing automation.

User-Centered Website
Having a quality website is one of the determinants of success or not your business. It can be said that the website is the final container of all your work on social media to online ads. A website is a place where potential customers do the real deal and customers get official and trusted information.

SEO – Search Engine Optimation
In the world of digital marketing several years ago the term “SEO is dead” appeared. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not really dead. The “dead” part of SEO is only the intervention of search engine companies to minimize the effects of SEO / try to “punish” sites that use excessive SEO practices. In fact, SEO remains a mainstay technique and has proven successful over the past years and still applies in the future.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing
SEM is a product marketing technique (business website) by paying advertisers who provide these services. Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing, Ask, Baidu, Yandex are examples of SEM. SEM itself involves various things such as SEO, keyword analysis, advertising payment prices, the impact of monthly keywords, and other effects that will help increase the marketing of your product.

Social Media Marketing
Social media is media that increases the volume of marketing by word of mouth. Online reviews and conversations on social media can increase and destroy the business image faster than you can imagine. Social media is still a thing that is feared by entrepreneurs, but that concern can be dealt with strategic planning in managing social media.