Learn About These Errors So That Your Air Conditioner Is Durable

One of the problems that often come to the owners of air conditioners is when you routinely service AC, but the air conditioner in your home is not cold, right? If it’s like this, what we can find out by our professional aircon servicing workers is to find out how you operate your own air conditioner. Because of the way you operate the air conditioner is very related to the AC problem that we will face when we do service to your home. Because usually from the way you operate the air conditioner, our team will know which components are damaged. This error has been done by many AC users because users often do not understand how to operate the air conditioner correctly. Go to get aircon service!

The first mistake that is most often made is to set the AC temperature to the lowest temperature with the maximum fan speed. We have found this error in many of our consumers. The simple reason why AC will break down quickly with this habit is that when you set the AC temperature to the lowest temperature between 18 to 16 degrees and set the air conditioner with maximum fan speed then the AC and compressor engine will work harder and continuously without pause. This will cause wasteful use of your electricity. While a safe way is to create a cool room temperature not by turning on the air conditioner with a temperature range reaching 16 degrees but by turning on the air conditioner around 15-20 minutes before the room is used by you and your family.

The duration of AC usage is also an important part in making AC as a durable commodity, ie the normal duration is 8 to 9 hours with a temperature of 23 to 25 degrees, so by doing this your AC will last longer so that the compressor’s working power will not overload The next problem is if your air conditioner turns off suddenly due to blackout then you don’t need to turn it on directly but you have to pause 15 to 20 minutes so that your compressor is not damaged quickly and lasts longer.