Let’s Pray For Others

Praying for others as well as prayer, in general, is an easily doubtful thing.
Why do we need Prayer for healing? Why do we need to pray if God has a plan that is good for us? Absolutely https://miraclehealingprayers.com/, he is wiser than us.

Why does He need us to pray? Isn’t it better if we believe that He will do the best?
It is true that God’s wisdom is far greater than our wisdom and that we need to trust Him and that is the reason why we need to pray.

God also teaches us to pray for those who have persecuted us or slandered us.

If we pray for people who hate us, finally the hot fire of hatred within us will be put out then we will begin to see that person with the view of God’s spirit.

When we pray for those we love and who need help, we develop hope with their strength that will last throughout our lives.

If our child is sick, we will feel relieved if the doctor comes because we know that he can do something for our child.
And if we bring someone who needs help in the hands of God, we will feel peace in our hearts, because praying for others means helping ourselves.

If I pray for someone who is experiencing economic difficulties, I am moved to help him by giving or lending a portion of mine.

If I pray for someone’s soul, I am moved to invite him to go to church together.
If I pray for the welfare of my environment, then I will provide more time to service my environment.

If I pray for someone else who is weak, I bring the strength that comes from God to focus on a person’s life and condition.

There are so many reasons that we can get to pray for others because, in essence, the prayer that we convey to God for them is a prayer for ourselves and the people we love.