Marine Breakaway Coupling is a New Technology System for Oil Transfer in the Sea

The transfer of oil at sea does have a lot of risks if not properly prepared. A complicated system is prepared during the process of oil diverting, especially safety and safety systems, where accidents of explosions are likely to occur. In addition, leaks during oil divergence are also very likely. So hardware such as marine breakaway coupling is made to anticipate adverse effects during oil shifting.

One of the goals of marine breakaway coupling is to protect hose damage or connection failure caused by physical strain. For example, when the transfer of oil is done at sea by tanker, it is quite possible if the tanker is out of position due to a belay failure. When this happens, the pull of the hose can occur suddenly causing an oil leak. Spilled oils in the sea easily have adverse effects on many sectors. To counter this, marine breakaway coupling will close the flow before the situation worsens. When the drain line has to be pulled in abruptly, the marine breakaway coupling can stop the flow right then and there. That way, work accident from a tanker or oil leak can be avoided.

As knowledge, the oil spill can have a very bad impact. Often the oil spill offshore is caused by tanker accidents, off-shore activities, or natural seepage of petroleum from the seafloor. The impact is the death of marine organisms, especially fish.

From various laboratory tests, sublethal impact occurs due to the contamination of ocean organisms with concentrations of oil to some degree. Organisms perceived effects include the ability to hatch eggs, life expectancy, number of defect larvae. In addition, the impact of sublethal is also felt by shrimp and crabs. Both animals experience a disruption in behavior such as the ability to find food and mate. For microorganisms such as plankton, also affected. Plankton organisms have a high susceptibility to life when contaminated with oil spills. Some marine organisms such as shrimp and small fish rely on plankton as their consumption.