Why You Need a Family Counselor

Marriage and family is a series of grooves where before entering the family area, then the presence of male and female couples as the prospective bride or groom to perform adjustment stage. This stage is called the pre-marriage stage. Before the family begins with pre-marriage, then enter the newly formed wedding area of a small family consisting of husband and wife. In a small family, the birth of a child in the family completes the family. Once you enter this stage, you are advised to use family counseling services.

However, the expectation of marriage when entering the family area is not always as expected. Expectations of marriage with family problems can have an impact on divorce. The cause of this problem is due to many things, ranging from cheating, disharmony, until due to economic problems. From that point, it indicates that fights and divorces are increasing. The greatest stress that occurs during childhood divorce proceedings and the subsequent adjustment of all parties must be well documented to include problems such as feelings of failure that often accompany divorce, as well as other negative emotions such as anger, regret, or depression. From it can be seen that the results of divorce during the process or after divorce is a problem experienced by children. The child will live with one of the parents and then put pressure on him to adjust himself. The problem becomes more chronic if the child is at a stressful stage and excludes himself from society and the environment.

From the information, it is necessary guidance and counseling in marriage and family with a counselor as an executive so that things can be overcome or prevent problems that arise in the environment of marriage and family. However, effective counseling assistance for families and couples in complex and challenging societies is often difficult. Therefore, you can visit our website and find a family counselor who will try to help you solve your family problems, so that no one feels harmed or hurt.