Why You Need to Maintain Your Air Conditioner Regularly

Extraordinary heat waves are being experienced by a lot of people who are living in various countries in Southeast Asia such as Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and several other countries.

This is caused by the El-Nino phenomenon that is a symptom of deviation of marine conditions characterized by rising sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean around the Equator. This deviation of sea conditions also results in the occurrence of climate irregularities.

In addition to making you feel uncomfortable, this extremely hot weather can also cause symptoms of a headache, dizziness, and nausea. At times like this, an air conditioner also has a very important role in the daily life of the majority of people. The reason is that ne of the fastest and most powerful solutions to overcome the hot weather is to turn on the air conditioner.

With the increasing frequency of the use of the air conditioner, you should also be able to provide the maintenance of the air conditioner more often. Why? The answer is because serviced air conditioners can save on electricity costs. To maintain your air conditioner, you can simply call a technician that can service the air conditioner like the Act Right Electrical.

Replacing a dirty filter from an air conditioner with a new one will be able to reduce the energy used by 5% – 10%. The evaporator and coil condenser accumulate dirt every time the air conditioner is used. As a result, all the dirt can restrain the airflow and decrease its ability of the air conditioner to absorb heat. That is why the more often the air conditioner is used, the more often as well it needs to be maintained.

In addition, the air conditioner with a dirty filter also requires more energy to function. In other words, the more energy you use, the more expensive the electricity you have to pay. So, you should not forget to maintain your air conditioner once in a while regularly and in accordance with how often you use it.