Do You Often to Consumption Green Smoothies? How Does the Oxalate Exist?

Consuming smoothies would be the choice of many people who want to apply a healthy lifestyle or are in the process of dieting. However, did you know that green smoothies have oxalate content? Green smoothies also cannot be made carelessly to get maximum results. For that, you also should not use the wrong blender in making smoothies. Choose the right blender to get maximum results smoothies. Previously, you can read the reviews of various blender brands on and find the best green smoothie blenders to make your favorite smoothies.

Green smoothies are the best solution for those who do not like the vegetables in one piece. For that reason, green smoothies are chosen so that they still get plenty of vitamins and other substances contained in vegetables without consuming the vegetables intact. Raw vegetables in green smoothies also have a lot of enzyme content that is beneficial to the body. This enzyme will be damaged if the vegetables cooked at high temperature or in a long time. For those of you who still confused what vegetables can be used as green smoothies, actually, almost all vegetables can be processed into green smoothies. However, what about the oxalate content in the raw vegetables? Oxalate is a chemical compound that naturally exists in our bodies, plants, and almost all types of nuts.

If in a healthy condition, our intestines will not absorb a lot of chemicals alma food, and usually oxalate will be metabolized by good bacteria in the intestine and issued with dirt. However, if our condition is not good, then the oxalate will meet with damaged tissue, then oxalate will bind calcium and cause irritation to the body tissues that will cause inflammation. Oxalates can also block minerals and make us experience impaired digestive tract. Some vegetables contain high oxalates such as spinach, carrots, potatoes, asparagus, and much more.

To make green smoothies, the raw ingredients are raw vegetables, then you need to buy raw vegetables in supermarkets that sell organic vegetables so that the oxalate content in it is not too much. And, do not forget to always wash the vegetables before consumption.